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Mango and Black Rice Salad

Mango and Black Rice Salad This comes to us from Judi and Shari Zucker – ‘The Double Energy Twins” Mango and raisins give an added sweet twist to this fiber rich salad. Mango’s powerful antioxidants protects against heart disease. Black rice is an heirloom variety of rice cultivated in Asia, and is an excellent source…

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About our purpose and mission statement

Vitalism, atomism, bone density, osteoporosis, and osteopenia. My approach to these conditions is related to our purpose and mission – teaching a ‘vitalistic’ philosophy of health and healing.

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Osteopenia Post

Modify Osteopenia Post

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DriveThruDiet / Taco Bell Diet, Part II

Remember, the high sodium content of these and other fast foods are harmful for us in many ways, including bone loss of osteopenia and osteoporosis

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DriveThruDiet®, aka the Taco Bell Diet®, aka the Fresco Diet®

The official Taco Bell Diet page tells us, the ‘Drive-Thru-Diet

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7 Steps You Can Take To Build Better Bones – Tips from ‘The Double Energy Twins’ – Shari Zucker & Judi Zucker

This information has been around for a long time. It is surprising how often we forget these basics. This is a book I’ve had in my own library for years. Shari and Judi Zucker – The Double Energy Twins wrote ‘How To Survive Snack Attacks – Naturally’ while they were in high school, and they…

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Happy Heart No-Cook Apple-Oatmeal Super Cereal

Heart-healthy, quick, full of oatey-apple goodness! This is probably not the oatmeal your mother made!

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Apple Cookies – All-Natural

Apple Cookies with banana? Who knew? All natural, quick and easy, bone healthy apple cookies.

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Simple Brown Rice Pilaf

Good for what ails you. Want to lose and manage your weight? Just add this to your menu 2 or 3 times a week.

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Purple Dessert with Brown Rice, Fruit, and Almond Flakes

Brown rice and fruit and nuts – all in one bowl. A wholesome and pretty dessert that can be served warm or chilled.

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Almond Rice Pilaf

Brown rice with almonds and almost any veggie you’d like to add.
Another quick, tasty, filling side dish. Low fat, no dairy, just plain good.

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Medicine Is Only A Way Of Thinking. And Acting.

Medicine is a way of thinking that works best in emergencies. Healing is what happens after medicine gets out of the way.

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