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Zometa: Osteoporosis Drug Doesn’t Work for Breast Cancer

Zometa was designed as an osteoporosis drug, and the exclusive rights to manufacture it was almost over – the patent was expiring. Zometa is expensive for the patient, and profitable for the manufacturer; keeping the patent active for another 3 years by extending the approved use would create a highly profitable marketing miracle for the…

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Cancer Drug Causes Osteoporosis

Here is yet another ‘magic pill’ that causes more harm than good. It appears this cancer drug causes osteoporosis. Women with breast cancer are being told to take medicines that fail to solve the primary problem, and also create additional problems for the body to deal with. Below is a part of the manufacturer’s package…

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FDA Safety Review on Fosamax and Other Bisphosphonates

Safety Review on Bisphosphonates including Fosamax and Fosamax Plus D Below is a list of osteoporosis drugs, common drug treatment for osteoporosis. These drugs do not prevent osteoporosis and in my opinion are not the best treatment for osteoporosis. According to this information from the FDA released March 2008 these warnings affect all bisphosphonate drugs,…

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