Hello, I’m Dr. Martin McIntosh. My wife, Lisa, and I teach women a natural truth about the bone loss of osteopenia, osteoporosis and bone health.

We want you to know – with certainty – there are safe and effective ways to develop strong bones without drugs.

In fact, much of the current research is telling us clearly: Drugs don’t predictably work the way they are intended, and they can create nasty and unpredictable, sometimes deadly, side-effects.

Why not find a natural approach, instead?

I am a chiropractor, working with bones for 30 years. I have had conventional practices in Alaska, Oregon, Arizona, and Nevada focused on spinal correction, wellness & prevention. I have a current, active licenses to practice in Oregon and Nevada.

As serious students of wellness, Lisa and I are interested in the healing power of food, herbs, plant-based hormone replacements, and exercise.

Lisa and I provide special educational events, bone density testing, and consulting services to women’s fitness facilities, women’s health fairs, and corporate wellness events.

Our service is available to women of all ages – we know that early detection gives women the greatest opportunity to maintain healthy bones.

A Personal Statement and Opinion by Dr. McIntosh

Our focus is on early detection and prevention of osteoporosis. Our recommendations emphasize, without exception, natural methods that support and encourage the body’s innate ability to heal, repair, and rebuild.

Accepting this approach requires people to live at a higher level, though; to be more disciplined, more responsible… more accountable to themselves, more respectful of this precious life we have and the moments we have left.

More about life, and more about living within a state of health and wellness.

For several years, we worked exclusively with the women who exercise at Curves for Women fitness centers. There is something so very special about them – they are disciplined, responsible, and accountable to themselves. We’ve spoken with over 20,000 women, and done bone density tests and consulted with nearly 7,000 of them.

These women have told us stories, they have taught us facts about health, wellness, and osteoporosis.

They have asked me better questions than I ever expected, and I’ve been sent back to the books way more than I like, in order to find answers.

By the way, we have no affiliation with Curves, and anything I say about Curves is my own opinion. I don’t work for Curves, and don’t get paid one dime from them… never have. We are invited in as guest speakers, educators, and we provide a great service at a low fee.

One thing these women have taught me is the power of the Curves exercise program. We have been able to re-test enough women (on our one-year cycle) that I know, with the highest certainty, how to rebuild bone – how to reverse osteoporosis.

I know what works – these women have shown me. The percentage of improvement is so high I don’t dare tell, because there is nothing in the osteoporosis literature, anywhere, that comes anywhere close to measuring changes in bone density like this over time. There is no osteoporosis drug, not Fosamax, not Actonel, not Boniva, none of them can do this, or even come anywhere close; and drugs are neither safe nor natural.

Are you interested in real health insurance? Eat your vegetables, drink water as your favorite beverage, and be physically active. And certainly, I suggest you find an exercise facility such as Curves and become a member.

Think about this: The cost of an osteoporosis drug is around $100 a month, the cost of Curves is far less than half that.

Drugs don’t create health, but exercise will.

And if you give almost any drug to a healthy man, woman, or child, it will make him or her sick; why do doctors think drugs will make a sick person well?

There are a lot of people who want a natural approach to osteoporosis, and don’t know how to go about it.

For those who don’t yet recognize or understand the body’s innate power to heal and repair, this website offers simple, honest information.

One challenge we face is the magnitude of money thrown into false and misleading information by major industrial players in search of profits. Often, they are in cahoots with governmental agencies whose job is to protect the citizens of this country from abuse.

Big pharma, big dairy, the FDA, USDA, CDC; they represent a lot of energy chasing power and profits, all making money from the fear they have created about osteoporosis.

I was up reading until well past midnight a few days ago, looking yet again at the current research and disagreements about the relationship between soft drinks and bone loss. About the buffering effects of calcium, increased phosphoric acid, pituitary and thyroid connections, insulin, and bone loss.

The arguments between the experts will go on for years.

I don’t think it is wise to wait for all the information to come in. There will always be someone out there who will publish a paper for money, on either side of the topic.

Take my advice on this… for you and your family, give up the soft drinks, especially the dark ones, colas, today. Right now. No excuses. Go to the Cola Page to learn about the damage they cause.

Teach your children – there is nothing good for us about soft drinks.

We believe in people. We believe that, given accurate information, and a chance to participate in their own health decisions, they will make the best decisions for themselves – every time.

We try to make a difference, one person at a time.

Welcome to this website… we really are glad you’re here.

Dr. Martin McIntosh
Lisa Lombardo McIntosh