T-Tapp is an excellent exercise program - exercise can help improve bone density
T-Tapp is an excellent exercise program – exercise can help improve bone density

Response to Summertime at T-Tapp exercise forum:

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My lovely wife Lisa found your post this morning and asked me to respond… and I will, after a brief introduction.

I am a chiropractor, got my doctorate in 1977. Yes, that means I’m an old guy; been working with bones for a long time.

Before I could respond as Lisa asked, I had to find out what T-Tapp was because I didn’t know. So I went through several pages on the site and watched a few sample videos.

My general response is this – T-Tapp ROCKS!

T-Tapp has all the ingredients of a very powerful program that is also safe and effective.

If you have osteopenia or osteoporosis, this is the kind of program your MD should write the prescription for – a well-designed exercise program, instead of dangerous drugs.

My specific response to you, Summertime, is – Way To Go!

Summertime, Bev’s response to you is right. Your exercise program deserves the credit for these improved scores.

You said – “Bev, T-Tapp probably didn’t contribute to the improvement, as I have been tapping now for 6 years…”

Even though I don’t know you, I am going to offer an opinion: These changes happened BECAUSE you have been tapping for 6 years.

A half-dose of good calcium will not make T-scores or Z-scores change like that. Your cleanse program, better nutrition, and tapping for 6 years will almost guarantee improvement.

So I think the ‘rankings’ you give to the effect of calcium and exercise are backwards. Exercise has a tremendous and superior advantage to calcium in reversing bone loss.

I’d like you look at your experience with a different perspective – look at your results through new eyes – mine.

Consider this: You began your exercise 6 years ago. Your first bone density test was 2 years ago, and your MD said you were heading toward osteopenia.

(Osteopenia is not a problem, by the way, but it is presented now-a-days as ‘pre-osteoporosis’ – which it isn’t, but they are able to prescribe drugs for it that way; what they should do is prescribe exercise.)

Anyway, your recent test showed improvement, which really is exciting news for you!

I don’t know your age, or history, but according to the Surgeon General’s Report, bone health can be improved at any age; and I agree with that from my own experience.

It wasn’t the calcium supplement that made the difference for you – even though that formulation is a good one, and better than many.

What made the difference was your T-Tapp exercise program.

Lisa and I worked with women who exercised at Curves®. The last 6 years of practice have been focused exclusively on bone density – osteoporosis and osteopenia. We tested and consulted with 7,000 women and spoke with 25,000 during this time, teaching them a natural approach to reversing bone loss.

What was interesting was that these women taught us the true power and impact of exercise, and proved beyond doubt that it really works.

Our experience with these women showed us improvement in bone mass year-over-year for up to 6 years. We saw ongoing and continuous improvement in bone density scores for as long as we tested them – same equipment, same protocol, same tester, etc. We followed many of them over a period of years, and tracked their bone density scores.

This was a group of normal women we tested from age 18 to 96; some eat beef, some are vegetarian, some avoid dairy, some owned dairies, some took calcium, some didn’t. The only common factors were they were all women, and they all exercised.

In fact, regarding calcium supplements, some stopped taking calcium on our recommendation and improved their scores the next year. You may think that telling a woman to stop taking calcium seems to be irresponsible advice, but I assure you it is appropriate on a case-by-case basis, especially if you have read the Surgeon General’s 400-page Report on Bone Health and Osteoporosis.

I suggest your bone density improved the first year you started to T-Tapp, and that it continued to improve the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th years because of your dedication and commitment to your exercise program. You got a t-score in year 4, your bone density simply continued to improve the 5th and 6th years.

(By the way, bone density improvement will not continue to go up forever. At some point in the future your body will establish an new equilibrium – a ‘new normal’ – and the t-score and z-score will begin to decrease along the normal z-score path at that time. Don’t worry about it and think ‘OMG osteopenia is coming back…’ expect it to happen – it will, and it’s normal. Yes, NORMAL.)

Based on my experience, I would bet that if you had a bone density test each year from the beginning of your exercise program, it is likely – probable – that you would have seen measurable improvement each year.

I have seen that type of improvement happen consistently with exercise. I have not seen it happen with calcium supplements, even the best of them.

And the percentage of women who showed this improvement with exercise is off-the-charts compared to any other treatment out there, whether it is nutritional, pharmaceutical, whatever – nothing matches the improvement shown that is seen with exercise.

Based on my experience with bone density and the results of adding regular exercise to your lifestyle, T-Tapp appears to be a safe and effective approach to overall wellness, and that includes improvement in bone density, bone quality, and bone strength.

This type of exercise program is one of those powerful tools that you can add to your life for some reason – weight-loss, fitness, whatever – and your general health and wellness can improve in an unexpected and measurable way – in your case, your t-score improved as well.

Way to go, Summertime! Keep up the good work!

Dr. Martin McIntosh DC