Instructions from training video:

Please create and/or choose an existing page that showcases your membership subscription options

This special page is where you will insert the Payment Buttons generated for you by Optimize Member. This page serves as your ‘lead-in sign-up page – (you’ll give visitors one or more registration options here, and they’ll be redirected to your Payment gateway, to pay for the option they choose.)

Membership options page should detail all of the features that come with Membership to your site; and provide a Paymemnt Button for each level of access y9u plan to offer.

This is also the page that anyone could be redirected to (by Optimize Member) should they attempt to access an area of your site, which may require access to something they’re NOT currently allowed to view.

For more on this advanced topic, please go to optimizeMemeber – API Scripting – Membership Options Page / Variables.

TIP: If you allow Open registraion (Free Subscribers) you might want to place a link on your Membership Options Page which points directly to your Registration Form, instead of routing a customer through your Payment Gateway first. For further details, please go to : optimizeMember – General Options – Open Registration

TIP: OptimizeMember will NEVER allow this page to be protected from public access.


Membership Options / Redirect Page ( required, please customize this )

This is where visitors who do not have access to your restricted membership content will be redirected to.


We recommend using this page either as a login page, or as a page where you offer promote your membership or product.

If you want to add a login form on your page, use the “Membership Login Form” element in the Liveeditor to add a login form for your visitors to login

*Tip* optimizeMember will NEVER allow this Page to be protected from public access.


Select a page which your users will be redirected to when they try to access content they’re not currently allowed to view.

We recommend having a login form on this page or details of your membership or product